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This is my head, this is my head on the trip to Mt. Whitney!  If you could see the rest of me (like I wanted but am told it is not possible…) you would see that there is a huge cup of trail coffee (provided by my daddy every morning and evening!) in my hands and I am relaxing on the native furniture.  A good picture from a really good trip.

  1. wilmahowe permalink

    Thanks for the posting and picture of my beautiful daughter. Think you could poke those kids to post here also??

  2. thinggummyandbob permalink

    Thanksgiveing 2012, I am thankful that you made it through surgery sucessfully. It will take some time and effort to recover but hopefully you should feel better than you have for a year or more. . .
    Me? I’m just the proud owner of a 30 year mortagage that I hope to pay off in 15! My goals? I hope to sucessfully see my children through their various high school graduations and then after a short planning time, hike either the PCT or the Appalachian Trail. Just a few minor things to get together before then. More on that later.

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