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Nana, I apologize in advance for how many posts will have to do with food. And I swear that’s not just because of your soon-to-be great grandchild! But he’s not helping the situation. At all. He seems to have an affinity for all things pastry.

I hope you enjoy this little site Grandpa set up! How interesting it is to see the names of all your children and grandchildren in one place.

  1. michellenb permalink

    Monday, Dec. 17: We took a tour of the hospital. The rooms are nicer than most hotels I’ve stayed in! And a few of the rooms have Jacuzzi tubs!

    Tuesday, Dec. 18: One word: Cankles. Oh wait, this is supposed to be a “best-of-the-day” post. How about “cake pops” instead? (Two words. Close enough.)

    • wilmahowe permalink

      Thank you for your post in Nanabanana, how was your shower today??

      • michellenb permalink

        Hi Nana! It was a lot of fun, and we had a really great turnout! It was really good to see so many friends and family in one place, although I definitely missed you guys! I hope you’re doing well! Love you!

  2. michellenb permalink

    Saturday, Dec. 15: Made the trek down to Soledad to visit a friend for his annual Christmas party. He gets all his gringo friends to assemble a ridiculous amount of tamales. After four years, I think we’ve gotten pretty good at it! Side note: The Virgin Mary allegedly appeared in a tree across the street from his house during my first year working at the newspaper. (It really did look like her …) She’s supposedly still there, but people have put up so many flowers you can’t see it anymore. Kind of a perfect social commentary, I think!

    • Timely – today Amanada and I are getting together to make tamales. However we are probably only going to about fifty.

      • michellenb permalink

        What kind did you guys make?

      • 12-22-12. Michelle, we made pork tamales – 52. The red Chili sauce used to flavor the shredded pork was made from three different varieties of chilis. That evening there seven of us for dinner and folks gave the tamales a thumbs up.

  3. michellenb permalink

    Just got off the phone with Nana, and I’m SO happy to hear you’re feeling better! 🙂

    Second-best thing that “happened” today (and by “happened,” I mean “best thing that I forced myself to do today”) was that I got sit on my booty, curl up in a blanket, and accomplish absolutely nothing but watch a movie. Bonus that T got to join me after a couple long work-weeks!

    • michellenb permalink

      … Oh, and there may or may not have been Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups involved …

    • The pleasures of being pregnant.

      • michellenb permalink

        It makes the rib-kicking almost worth it! 🙂

  4. michellenb permalink

    Perfect; thanks! I look forward to seeing that!

  5. michellenb permalink

    Oooh, that sounds delicious! We’ve actually been wondering about the water filter that’s under the cupboard. Nana mentioned you had installed it for home-brewing purposes. I wonder if it still works?

    • I went digging and found the recipe and water analysis. I will bring it with when I come your way

  6. michellenb permalink

    I backlogged a few of my “bests,” so I’ll just enter the date before each one:

    Thursday, Nov. 8: I think I felt the little Sea Monkey’s hiccups for the first time!

    Saturday, Nov. 10: Saturday was good day catching up with friends! I helped bottle the beer that has been brewing for a while now. And by “helped,” I mean I sat at the dining room table eating snacks while the boys did the bottling. My sister and her fiance grew the hops (Zues hops?) last year that were used to make it. We also went to an awesomely campy Christmas show at my old college’s theater. Band members from The Sammy Hagar Band, Boston, Y&T and The Tubes play popular classic rock songs but change the wording to well-known Christmas songs. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to hearing live performances of The Who, Billy Idol, Led Zeppelin, Santana, and whatnot!

    Wednesday, Nov. 14: By some miracle, I was able to catch up on my ridiculously long to-do list at work. I know that’s not exciting by any means, but considering what’s coming down the pike at work this winter, it’s kind of a big deal.

    Friday, Nov. 16: Had my 28-week checkup and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat! Even though he moves like crazy, it’s reassuring to hear the doctor say, “Sounds great!” Because, really, I sometimes wonder if it’s something from the “Alien” movies squirming around in there. It really does look like it from the outside…

    • If I knew you had home brewed beer I would have been there sooner. Way back when – I got a water analysis for the water at the house, compared with waters/beers around the world and deteremined that a really good brew would be a dark porter. I had to counterbalance ???? (too many years have passed) but I did it with food grade lactic acid which I was able to order at the pharmacy. Everyone that tried the brew loved it and made me brew more so they could drink it. Lots of chocolate malt.

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