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Still loving it up here in Santa Rosa. Ben and I are doing well and are getting excited for our upcoming wedding!

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  1. I needed to post these for Brandy as it appears she is having difficulty.

    -17-12: I am studying for my second LPCC exam (licensed professional clinical counselor), so needless to say I am nt living the most exciting life right now! Working hard, studying a lot, and trying to relax in my free time. Best thing that happened to me today was that I got a high score on my practice tests while studying.

    11-18-12: I took the entire day off from any kind of work. Ben and I went to breakfast at a great place called Howard’s in Occidental, saw the movie Lincoln, and then picked up some new-to-us craft beers and tasted them while watching Dexter and Homeland.

    11-19-12: I’ve been identified as the supervisor trainer in the agency I work at. Such a compliment, but today will be my first day training new supevisors….I hope to say later that the best thing today was how great I provided training (although I am nervious!).’

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