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Grand Pets – Great Grand Pets

TP-MichelleFrom Michelle

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  1. From Michelle — TP Destroyer

    This is Sada Mae (answers to Sada or Kitty). As you can see, she loves her some toilet paper. I can’t even keep the roll on the holder anymore because she destroys it in seconds without being caught in action. People say cats are independent and mostly just ignore you until they want something. Not this one. She’s in my business all the time. Underfoot trying to trip me. On the counter trying to steal food. At my feet begging for chips. Or cheese. Or whatever it is I have. In cupboards investigating. Playing in freshly organized papers. Eating house plants (or flower petals) until they resemble twigs. As Kim, our nextdoor neighbor would say, “She’s naughty.” But I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

    Side note: I once read that former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft asked his staff to clear a U.S. Embassy in the Hague of all calico cats because he believed they were a sign of the devil. Interesting. Very interesting.

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